Eleanor A. Kennedy,CPA, CFE, INHC, Vitality Coaching

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What is Vitality Coaching?
General wellness ultimately depends upon one’s ability to maintain a delicate -yet consistent- balance
within -and between- all major aspects of life. To achieve optimal vitality, one must attain simultaneous
synchronicity between one’s physical health, personal relationships, career/life purpose, and finances.
Therefore, when one or more of these areas lack harmony, other areas will likely be impacted; creating an impairment in one’s overall sense of wellbeing.
Vitality Coaching can help to restore this pivotal balance via accountability, guidance, and support (and, when and if appropriate, perhaps a little bit of tough love) which, in turn, will result in a more fulfilling life.

Who Would Benefit from Vitality Coaching?
Anyone who is stressed, overwhelmed, stuck, lacking purpose, or suffering from any degree of impairment in wellness would benefit from working with a coach. Essentially, ANYONE striving to improve their quality of life would benefit from working with a Vitality Coach!

What Will be Required of ME?
The focused type of coaching that takes place when engaging a Vitality Coach requires an open mind, and a 100% commitment to the Coaching process. Working in partnership with the Coach, one overcomes challenges and establishes, monitors, and ultimately achieves goals that will result in lasting positive lifestyle changes.

Elly’s Background
Eleanor A. Kennedy is a Certified Wellness Coach, as well as a Certified Public Accountant. Elly has over 25 years experience in the field of Public Accounting, working one-on- one with clients for whom she has provided accounting, tax and consulting services. Over the years, the stress and excessive hours required by her career took their toll, and resulted in Elly’s own life imbalance; this included the onset of an Autoimmune disorder and caused Elly to re-evaluate and renew her career path and lifestyle. Elly returned to her studies to obtain her Certification as a Wellness Coach and began utilizing her diverse skills within her practice. In light of her background, Elly has obtained an understanding of the restrictions that life sometimes imposes and how they can negatively impact one’s sense of wellbeing;
and, at the same time, she truly believes that the only thing that can ultimately keep one from increasing one’s quality of life is oneself!
Over the past several years, Elly has successfully combined her financial and hands-on client experience with her Wellness Coaching Certification. This has enabled her to pursue her passion and revivify her life purpose: helping others to believe in, commit to, and achieve their own goals and ultimate Wellness.

~Believe – Commit – Achieve~