Mark S. O’Neill, L.I.C.S.W

Emergent Life Counseling

Individual and Group Counseling

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Alone. It’s how so many of us feel inside. You may be unseen by others for who you really are, be unmotivated or anxious about the future, be suffering through loss or illness, or be stuck in relationships or situations that aren’t working. We struggle through, surviving but not thriving, caught up in a limiting narrative about our lives, coping in ways that help us feel safe but often leave us tired and isolated. It’s tempting to stay in survival mode and just “get through it,” hoping circumstances might change, when you can’t see another way.
By deeply listening to and reflecting upon your life’s story, my intention is to help you understand and integrate your experiences, and to uncover ways of coping more aligned with your true nature, creating the possibility of increased energy, deeper connections, and a renewed sense of life’s meaning.
As a licensed social worker I’m committed to helping others get access to needed supports. I take insurance, credit cards, checks or cash and can work on a sliding scale when regular fees would create a financial hardship. Please contact me for an initial consultation to learn more.

Individual and Group Counseling

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