Sage: The Threshold

We at the Sage Healing Collaborative strive for true “Integrative Medicine”, true “Holism”. We endeavor to integrate the best practices of a whole-person assessment and plan, with our unfolding education and training.  The uniqueness of each individual who presents to us is met in a professional, attentive and compassionate way.  At our regular round-tables we share ideas, insights and experiences with one another and come up with a collective, collaborative approach best-suited to each patients distinctive needs and situation. We work to educate the public, students and practitioners of the healing arts about these approaches.  We are committed professionals who bring  our own life-paths to the daily challenges we encounter. We aim to tailor treatment to each individual, offering no reductionist, “cookie-cutter” approach. We offer an array of evidence-based treatment and holistic modalities, and are constantly refining our practices and seeking further knowledge.  We are individually and collectively deeply invested in our community, and believe that in treating each person with integrity and humility we also further our dream of a healthier collective, a healthier future.