Integrative Medical Consultation

Integrative Medicine is the practice of applying the advances of modern medical science within a time-honored, ancient paradigm of wholeness and healing. Eschewing the reductionist approach endemic to the contemporary Medical-Industrial complex, the IM physician endeavors to locate and orient the individual patient to their situation by applying a rigorous study of the scientific literature and  medical data, and wedding that to the uniquely woven biopsychosocialspiritual weave of the particular medical challenge.

John McGonigle, MD is willing to consider trying to help a patient figure out any complex medical challenge they may be facing. Hypertension which fails to respond to conventional therapies, auto-immune disorders, medical “mysteries”, early or late stage cancer and/or the adjunctive treatment of such, behavioral disturbances of childhood, are just a few of the conditions he is experienced in treating.

In order for John to consider consulting with you please email him at

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