Mission Statment

Sage Healing Collaborative is a free association of like-minded healers whose practices are guided  by belief in two bedrock principles: that each of us is an absolutely unique individual, and that simultaneously every one of us dwells within and emerges from a web of family, social, spiritual and emotional inheritances. We humbly believe in the wisdom of  ages, both ancient – astrology, acupuncture, body-therapy, plant-medicine, talk – and  modern – MRI, genome-analysis, laboratory assay, evidence-based medicine, physical exam. We believe in seeing each person as spirit made unique and manifest through the miracle of the body. We believe in creating and cultivating a dynamic alliance between healer and patient. We believe that as our patients and communities move towards balance, we ourselves move likewise towards greater wholeness.  We dedicate ourselves to our chosen healing art. We believe that no-one stands alone. We believe that each shall do their part.

As above, so below  As within, so without  As it was, so shall be

– ascribed to Hermes Trismegistus, 3rd millenia BCE