Meghan (Schaffer) McGonigle, DC

Cutting-edge physics tells us what poets, lovers, mystics and healers have always known: the cosmic time/space continuum is curved, and the meeting place between reality and awareness can be played, like an instrument’s string. The world without, and the world within, are always in greater or lesser attunement with each other. When we are in harmony within ourselves, the wind in the leaves is like the sound of the stars, and a walk in the woods is never alone. Dis-harmony brings with it a kind of static which can be experienced as anything from physical pain or disability to a loss of purpose or pleasure in the life we are leading. Dis-union of one’s deeper self from one’s day-to-day responsibilities and activities – be it, again, in the form of musculoskeletal distress or a life drained of color – leaves the instrument mistuned.

Harmony is a series of chords played together on multiple levels, and the science of harmonics is a union of strings. Our lives may be thought of as multiple strings, played out on the fret board continuum we call our one wild and precious life. There are times we have lost touch with the deeper seats or seeds of our wisdom. Although the lived human life transpires as a whole, it is experienced on physical, emotional, spiritual and soul levels. The inner healer knows in what ways physical pain or disability can be healed, and in experienced hands that healer can be called forth and re-membered. The wounds of the heart need a hearer, and an ear for the more peaceful chords to be heard in. The spirit may be distressed, all feedback, thirsting for stillness: in answer, a card drawn mindfully or hexagram considered may unlock the secrets of the deeper improvisation. Souls reaching out for meaning can find purpose through enhanced reflection, and journeys into what could be called innerstellar spaces.

Meghan McGonigle serves and supports individuals as they align with their inner nature, purpose and harmony through the resonance of Sound&Body Care and Counsel.  The practice is teaching of true care: listening to and trusting in the innate sound-wisdom of the body’s bodies through undivided attention, and unconditional love. And time: always evolving, her therapeutic resources include aligning and tuning the physio-spiritual layers and levels of the body: Cranial Sacral Studies and Technic, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Meridians, Myofascial Unwind and Soft Tissue Orthopedics: Sound Resonance and the Alchemical/Astrological arts:  Guidance and Orientation through the innerstellar spaces. Devoted to deep listening, Meghan is respected throughout her community as a practitioner, healer and guide. 
Graduating from St Louis University with a degree in Biology, Meghan received her Doctorate in 2010 from Logan College of Chiropractic (along with post-graduate training in Traditional Chinese Medicine) and moved from her native St Louis to Rhode Island. Known for her work at Bayside Chiropractic in Providence, Meghan became co-director of the Sage Healing Collaborative in 2021. 
She teaches and performs the rituals of respect, and honor, of the resonant sound body, working with all bodies.
She does not participate with any insurance plans.
She can be contacted at (314) 795-5596 and at 
Meghan rejuvenates through time with her course-correcting guide dog Zen-ma, her husband John and their three children, in silent retreat, and likes nothing more than laughter. She remains devoted to the St Louis Cardinals. 


My intention is to embody the deepest 
truths I know as they continuously unfold

To hold space, patience, humility for and 
acceptance of the always and already - 
that everything is ALREADY exactly as it
should be and should have been, all the
while everything is ALWAYS becoming

To attune to what I value most -
how I show up and reflect for myself
and others, knowing we are one


To be clear as water, solid as earth, free
as air, true as fire, to love and trust
unconditionally in relationship to self
and in union with the other

When I am oriented from my values, with my
values, to my values; when what I am
saying, doing, thinking, feeling are
aligned: my being is liberated

And as I AM, so shall WE