Paige Eastman Dickson, CPM

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I have been involved in midwifery for 17 years.  My experience includes having worked in birthcenter, homebirth and hospital settings.

I was a doula, prenatal patient advocate, and birthcenter/homebirth assist before attending midwifery school at Maternidad La Luz (MLL) in El Paso, TX.  In 2000 I graduated from MLL and successfully sat the international exam in order to achieve the status of Certified Professional Midwife.  Birth Care Midwifery was established in 2001 and is proudly entering its 14th year in practice.

I am very honored to be the first Certified Professional Midwife to be licensed in the state of Rhode Island after so many of my sister midwives worked hard over the years for recognition by the state of Rhode Island.

I am the grateful wife of Geoff and the blessed mother of Tobias, born in hospital having risked out of homebirth, and Comfort, born in our home.