Meagan Estrella

There is a space which is nowhere a space, at a time that is nohow a time: the way to this place is in the way of Self-reflection. Within stillness, the motions of Spirit are made manifest, the body speaking in words that are never misspoken. 

Our mirrors of awareness can become warped or cracked through various pressures or strains or traumas. Clarity and calmness of self-reflection becomes distorted – to greater and lesser extents – through early childhood traumas, the shocks of the teenage years, the griefs and rages of adulthood, the disappointments and regrets of age. Rather than a clear well-spring of reflection in which to be seen and nourished, our ways of moving within ourselves and through the world can sometimes feel like a hall of mirrors, and a none-too fun one at that. When all roads lead back to an uncertain center, when meaning and purpose are set on shifting sands, when to speak one’s truth is a shaky and stumbling effort, how is one to ever begin the process of unfolding, of untangling?

It is both easy, and most difficult. The simplest place of all: the place where one already is. The simplest time of all: the one right here, the one right now. Honesty, and the locus of the body. In the presence of the Other, the Self steps in. 

While you may not be able to step into the same river twice, it is always you, and the water is always wet. Meagan Estrella received a BA in Economics and Spanish, and an education in the economies of the larger world. As a wanderer and guide in Central America and Asia, as a case worker in the Social Security Administration, Meagan spent many years helping others find their unique path through the world’s intricacies and confusions. Having devoted herself from a young age to the study of Buddhism, she schooled herself in distinguishing presence from distraction. Called to more formal study, she attended Naropa University in Colorado and received a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling, specializing in mindfulness as a way of living and the honoring of the transpersonal. 

Meagan makes space for individuals to locate and evolve themselves through the ever-present mind-body connection. She is available by appointment for consultation at Sage Healing Collaborative and can be reached by phone at 206.947.4468, or via email at You bring the work, and Meagan will make the room.