Upcoming Events!

Saturday, November 3,  10-2pm
Come on by to meet our practitioners and take a free class!

 Rebecca Larose, LMT– Arivigo Massage basics and demo
Martine Delonnay- Naturopathic Wellness
Heather Cline Crump-Essential Oils and Raindrop Therapy.
Supportive, Empowering, Collaborative Prenatal, Birth & Post Partum CareJoin midwife  Paige Eastman Dickinson, CPM, LM for a discussion about healthcare during one of life’s greatest transitions, parenthood. Our country spends the most money in the world on maternity care and yet we have the worst outcomes for illness and death of all western industrialized countries, especially for families of color.  Find out about hospital and out of hospital care, medical evidence based care verses liability based care, and how you can have your best birth.  Bring your experiences and questions, I look forward to meeting you!